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Cycladic Head Bronze

    Bronze Cycladic Head


    Medium-sized bronze Cycladic head which is inspired by the famous marble Cycladic idols and adds a Greek touch at your space. The Cycladic idols are the first sample of art of the Ancient Greek civilization, found in the islands of Cyclades (2800-2300 BC).

    This art features female marble figures with their hands folded on their chests, symbolizing fertility and rejuvenation. However, the majority of the Cycladic marble figurines date back to the advanced phase of the Proto-Chalcian period of the culture of the island of Syros (Early Cycladic II). The figurines with the "Folded Hands" are mostly female. Only a few Cycladic figurines depict men standing and often dressed - albeit subtly - with a belt and a ribbon going over their shoulder. The sculpture of these times contributed to the evolution of Greek plasticity of antiquity, and the basic aesthetic model of the artistic avant-garde of the early 20th century; which promotes minimalism. Cycladic figurines were found in tombs and in sanctuaries. They have been interpreted as substitutes for human sacrifices, as psychopomps, and even as toys.
    11h x 5,5l x 2d cm Weight: 570 gr