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Double Spiral Earrings

    Double Spiral Earrings


    Silver Gold-plated double spiral handmade earrings. The spiral has been a complex and powerful symbol since Ancient times. It symbolized vitality, movement and energy. It existed in myths, religious beliefs and legends.

    The spiral combines the shape of a circle and its dynamic movement, symbolizing time, growth, continuity, the rhythm of breathing and life itself. When used as a personal talisman, the spiral helps our consciousness accept change and evolution. The spirals or vortices, are related with the veil of Mother Goddess who controls Destiny, and have been used since the Paleolithic era. The spiral indicates the Greek origin of all the things that bear it, especially before the classical period of the Golden Age (5th century BC). It is found in almost all Greek houses; it architecturally adorns all Greek great public and private buildings and monuments and has been used in many Ancient civilizations around the world as well. The spiral also appears in the bases of the structure of the Ionic order (6th century BC), in the air, in the water, in the lightning and the thunderbolt. At the same time, this spiral motion, as it expands and contracts, reflects the increase and decrease of the sun or the moon, as well as the birth.
    5,5h x 3l cm Weight: 7 gr