Discover handmade accessories inspired by the ancient Greek culture. Accessories are the ultimate gift to remind you of the Greek holiday experience.


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Olive Leaf Hairband

The Gold-plated olive leaf hairband is an ultimate summer must-have accessory. The olive tree was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. Greeks...

Snake Brooch

The snake is an Ancient Greek symbol associated with the God of medicine, Asclepius, who in many myths transforms into a snake. God Asclepius...

Olive Branch Brooch

The olive tree was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. Greeks offered its branches as a wreath prize for the winners of...

Delphic Epsilon Cufflinks

The "Delphic Epsilon" is an Ancient Greek symbol associated with man's initiation into the light. For this reason, it was located at the Temple...

Delphic Epsilon Cufflinks

Inspired by the importance of the "Delphic Epsilon" we designed exclusively for our store these Silver 925° cufflinks with enamel. The "Delphic Epsilon" is...

Alexander the Great Cufflinks

Cufflinks bearing the bust of Alexander the Great, who at the age of 20 became the king of Macedonia. Alexander the Great was one...

Greek Alphabetic Script Cufflinks

The Greek writing system was developed in Greece about 1000 BCE. It is the direct or indirect ancestor of all modern European alphabets. Before...

Evil Eye Keychain

Evil eye keychain in various colours. Ancient Greeks believed in the evil eye and found ways to prevent it. Evil eye is considered to...

Olive Leaves Keychain

Olive leaves keychain. The Olive tree symbolizes prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. According to the Greek mythology, Goddess Athena gave the Athenians the first...

Vergina Sun Keychain

Τhe Vergina Sun is a symbol widely used by the Ancient Greeks. Although it is a Panhellenic symbol, it became famous because of the...

Owl Keychain

The owl symbolizes prudence and wisdom, and this particular press-papier has been exclusively designed for the Artpoint Papasotiriou by the renowned sculptress Mrs. Aspasia...

Alexander The Great Keychain

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest generals in history. He considered himself the son of the Egyptian God Ammon Zeus, and a...

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