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Acropolis Magnet

Thassos white marble magnet. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains...

Phaistos Disc Magnet

Thassos white marble magnet. The Phaistos Disc consists of 241 symbols including Linear A, Linear B and hieroglyphs. It remains a mystery of the...

Olive Leaves Keychain

Olive leaves keychain. The Olive tree symbolizes prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. According to the Greek mythology, Goddess Athena gave the Athenians the first...

Owl Keychain

The owl symbolizes prudence and wisdom, and this particular press-papier has been exclusively designed for the Artpoint Papasotiriou by the renowned sculptress Mrs. Aspasia...

Alexander The Great Keychain

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest generals in history. He considered himself the son of the Egyptian God Ammon Zeus, and a...

Olive Tree Keychain

Greeks offered olive branches as wreath prize for the winners of the Olympic and Panathenaic Games. According to the Greek mythology, Goddess Athena gave...

Evil Eye Bracelet

Τhis minimal adjustable evil eye bracelet with a string protects us from bad luck and negative energy. Ancient Greeks believed in the evil eye...

Greek Philosophy: Surprisingly Modern Wisdom From Ancient Greeks (Ancient Greek & English)

Classical Greece, the miraculous age of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, was a turning point for the humankind. A refreshing breeze seemed to blow from...

Evil Eye Keychain

Evil eye keychain in various colours. Ancient Greeks believed in the evil eye and found ways to prevent it. Evil eye is considered to...

"Olive Branch" Paperweight

Thassos white marble paperweight. The olive tree was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. Greeks offered its branches as a wreath prize...

Οι Σπαρτιάτες

Οι Σπαρτιάτες, παγκοσμίως γνωστοί για την απέλπιδα πράξη αντίστασής τους στις Θερμοπύλες, έμειναν στην ιστορία διαχρονικά ως η επιτομή της πολεμικής ανδρείας. Η ιστορία...

Pythagorean Cup

The "fair mug", which dates back to the 6th century BC, is a masterpiece of the ancient Greeks' hydraulic technology, but also a method...
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