Discover handmade pendants inspired by the ancient Greek culture. Pendants are the ultimate piece of jewellery to remind you the Greek holiday experience.


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Fish Pendant

It is reckoned that the fish slates, a type of red-shaped vessels in ancient Greece, were tableware for serving fish; and that the central...

Love Pendant Linear B

This pendant bears a Linear B phrase which means "Do love" and is a very unique item. The inspiration behind it is "Do love...

Thunderbolt Pendant

Zeus' thunderbolt (also known as Lightning or Master bolt) is the signature weapon and symbol of power for the Olympian god of thunder; Zeus....

Snake Pendant

The snake is an Ancient Greek symbol associated with the God of medicine, Asclepius, who in many myths transforms into a snake. God Asclepius...

Evil Eye Pendant

Τhis Silver 925° evil eye pendant of minimalist design, protects us from bad luck and negative energy. It consists of enamel and is an...
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Evil Eye Pendant

Τhis Silver 925° & enamel evil eye pendant of minimalist design, protects us from bad luck and negative energy. Ancient Greeks believed in the...

"Votsalo" Pendant

"Votsalo" (in Greek "βότσαλο") means pebble. This pendant is made out of gold plated sterling silver 925, and bears a spiral on its back. The...

Alexander the Great Pendant

We created this rare version of Alexander the Great on a Gold-plated pendant with a leather string, so that it can be worn on...

Pan-Shaped Pendant

Inspired by the pan-shaped vessels of the Early Cycladic era (2800-2300 BC), we designed this Gold-plated pendant for special occasions. The pan-shaped vessel has...

Wheat Pendant

Wheat pendant inspired by the goddes Demeter. She was one of the twelve Olympian gods that lived on Mount Olympus. Goddess of the harvest...

Olive Leaf Pendant

Olive leaf pendant inspired by the olive tree and its great history in the Greek culture. Is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and...

God Sun Pendant with Opal Stone and Zircon

Inspired by God Helios (Sun), we created for you a unique Sun pendant made of Gold-plated Silver 925, semi-precious opal stone & zircon. God...

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