About us

ARTPOINT PAPASOTIRIOU is a boutique store that sells handcrafted museum replicas, jewellery and original gifts of high quality, aesthetics and value, for all ages. All of our creations are inspired by the Ancient Greece's greatness, aiming to elevate Greece’s ecumenical character.

This is the second project of the Papasotiriou family after an excellent course of 40+ years in the field of books and culture. Our vision and aspiration is to make known worldwide, the exceptional beauty of the ancient cultural heritage of our country, creating in collaboration with artists in Greece, jewelry and statues of high aesthetics. Thanks to our prominent location at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, we have managed to become a favourite point of interaction with the "culture of Greece" for thousands of passers-by at the airport every year. It is also worth noting that the Swiss channel NZZ also included us in the documentary "Greek Heroes", in which it highlighted us as a company that succeeded in the middle of the economic crisis of our country and that acts as the "Global Ambassador" of our culture. Based on this success, we are now expanding our physical business into the digital world.



The Team:

Nicole Papasotiriou (Founder)



Efthymis Papasotiriou (Co-Founder)


Brand Genesis:

Nicoles' interests have always been around culture, civilization and hidden knowledge. After a market research in 2010, she realised that the majority of ancient Greek replicas offered in the touristic forefront of Greece were of very poor quality. Therefore, she envisioned a boutique store which would sell handcrafted museum replicas and jewellery of high quality, aesthetics and value.

This way, she could both learn more about ancient Greece, hence our cultural heritage, and simultaneously share and pass over this knowledge to the outside world.

Our aim is to promote and elevate Greece’s ecumenical character.  This is the reason why each and every product of Artpoint is accompanied by a historical note both in English and Greek. This part of the storytelling from our store has created loyal customers, who truly appreciate what every replica symbolizes. For example, apart from the evil eye which is world famous, not many people know that the owl is the holy bird of goddess Athena and a symbol of wisdom.

Our philosophy is to offer products related to Greece's cultural heritage in order to actively promote the Greek spirit and culture.

Our goal is to present products made by the most renowned, imaginative and reliable creators, artists and suppliers.

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