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Owl Bracelet

    Owl Bracelet


    This enamel owl bracelet with a string symbolizes prudence and wisdom, and is handcrafted by a Greek artist exclusively for the Artpoint Papasotiriou. The owl was the sacred bird of Goddess Athena and was the emblem of the city of Athens.

    One of Athena's bynames was "glaucopis" (deriving from the Greek word "γλαύξ" (owl)), which means "with gleaming blue eyes". The owl was protected and nestled in abundance around the Acropolis as a proof that it was blessed by the goddess. But Athena, except for being the Goddess of prudence and wisdom, she was also the Goddess of war, hence the owl became the protector which accompanied the Greek army into the war. If an owl flew over Greek soldiers before a battle, it was a sign of victory. More specifically, and according to Aristophanes, a victory against the Persians was won at dusk when an owl flew over the Greek forces. The people of Athens believed that the Goddess often transformed into an owl when she wanted to appear to them. The owl also protected the Athenian trade, and Athenians honoured it by printing its figure on some of the coins. Precisely, in the "Athenian tetradrachm" (5th century BC), on one side the owl is depicted, and on the other Goddess Athena is illustrated.
    Adjustable: 5,5 - 8 cm Weight: 2 gr