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Eros & Psyche Statue

Clay figurine that depicts Eros & Psyche. Eros & Psyche were a mythological couple which suffered a lot before they actually managed to share...
€62,00 €52,70
-15% off

Phaistos Disc

Τhis ceramic handmade version of Phaistos Disc on a matte plexiglass base is an all-time classic gift. It consists of 241 symbols including Linear...
€50,00 €42,50
-15% off

"The Lilly Prince" Jewelry Box

Handmade ceramic jewellery box portraying the Lilly Prince fresco relief which was found in the palace of Knossos (1550 BC), and depicts a young...
€35,00 €29,75
-15% off

"Bull-Leaping" Jewelry Box

Handmade ceramic jewelry box depicting the bull-leaping fresco from Knossos (Bull-leaping is exactly what it sounds like: People jumping over bulls). It was painted around 1400...
€35,00 €29,75
-15% off

Fortune Telling Dice

The cubes (dice) were a favorite game of children and adults in ancient Greece and Minor Asia as well as in all cultures of...
€52,00 €44,20
-15% off

Plaggona Doll

The "Plaggona" (ancienter Greek doll) was one of the girls' favorite toys in ancient Greece and a forerunner of the modern doll. This kind...
€80,00 €68,00
-15% off

Pythagorean Cup

The "fair mug", which dates back to the 6th century BC, is a masterpiece of the ancient Greeks' hydraulic technology, but also a method...
€16,00 from €13,60

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