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Coloured Bust of Goddess Athena
Coloured Bust of Goddess Athena

    Coloured Bust of Goddess Athena


    Bust of Goddess Athena in colours. This handmade version constitutes a great gift reminding us the city of Athens. Athena was the Goddess of wisdom, strategy and war. Her symbols were the owl and the olive tree. She was the beloved daughter of Zeus and the protector of the city of Athens.

    The Greeks, the first people to acquire rational thought and formulate universal laws for the operation of the universe, created a Goddess who personified intelligence and wisdom. In the first years of her life, she grew up with a girl named Pallada. They had become very dear friends. They learned martial arts together, and played several violent games. One day when they quarrelled, Pallada was ready to hit Athena. But Zeus, who saw everything, was afraid for his little daughter and protected her with his shield. Pallada was startled when she saw the terrible shield land in front of her. The little Goddess took advantage of her friend's fear and beat her. When she realized that her friend had died, she burst into tears. To honour her, Athena created a statue which looked alike and placed it next to her father. The statue was made of wood and was named Palladium. Athena's help in the Battle of the Giants was invaluable, where she killed and damaged Pallas and plunged Enceladus together with Sicily. Apart from that, she was the only one supporting Zeus, when the terrible Typhoon rushed to mount Olympus. Athena loved martial arts and was always involved in them. She had no love affairs at all, and thus symbolized the eternal virginity (Greek word: parthenia). This is why the Athenians called the temple of the Goddess on the Acropolis, Parthenon.
    24h x 12l x 6,5d cm Weight: 1.060 gr