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Olive Leaf Hairband

    Olive Leaf Hairband


    The Gold-plated olive leaf hairband is an ultimate summer must-have accessory. The olive tree was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. Greeks offered its branches as a wreath prize for the winners of the Olympic and Panathenaic Games.

    According to the Greek mythology, Goddess Athena gave the Athenians the first olive tree of the world, which sprouted where her spear struck; during the argument between her, and God Poseidon about which one would become the patron of Athens. Ancient Greeks loved the olive tree, deified its origin and according to Aristotle, anyone who uprooted or destroyed the tree was punished with a death penalty. Later, Hercules planted an olive tree in the temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia, after completing his twelve labours, which became known as the "kallistefanos elia" ("beautiful-crowned olive tree"), from which the "kotinos" was made. The "kotinos" was the greatest distinction for athletes. Last but not least, the olive tree has been known since Ancient times, because its ideogram was found both in Linear A' (1900 BC) and B' (1400 BC).
    Adjustable: 13 - 16 cm Weight: 27 gr