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Aphrodite Venus de Milo

    Venus de Milo


    This white sculpture of Venus de Milo (Aphrodite) is a modern gift for all occasions. Venus de Milo is a marble statue from the end of the Hellenistic era (150 - 50 BC). It was found in Milos island amputated and it is speculated that the Goddess was holding an apple in her left hand, or that with both hands she was holding God Ares's shield.

    They imagined the statue of Aphrodite standing next to a warrior, either Ares or Theseus, with her left hand resting on his shoulder. Other versions state that she is holding a mirror, an apple, or laurel wreaths, and sometimes resting her left hand on a pedestal. There has also been hypothesis that she is portrayed as a mother holding her baby. Also, a popular theory says that the statue does not depict Aphrodite, but Goddess Nike, holding a shield on her left thigh and a slate with heroes' names on her right hand. Other myths suggested that Aphrodite used the shield as a mirror in order to admire her beauty through its reflection. The two missing hands of the statue, most probably, must have been destroyed either during the excavation or during its transfer.
    32,5h x 8l cm / Base: 2,2d cm Weight: 1.465 gr