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Coloured Bust of God Apollo
Bust of God Apollo

    Coloured Bust of God Apollo


    Coloured bust of God Apollo. Apollo was one of the 12 gods of mount Olympus who was born in the island of Delos together with his twin sister, Goddess Artemis. His father was God Zeus and his mother was Leto. Apollo was the God of light, music, poetry, divination and healing.

    In autumn, Apollo used to leave Greece and went to the land of Hyperborea, and in spring returned once again, on a chariot pulled by horses. He was worshiped in many places and many shrines were dedicated to his honour, most importantly those of Delos and Delphi. In Delphi, the God founded the most important oracle of Ancient Greece, after first killing the mythical dragon Python, which is why he is later named after Pythios. There, through Pythia, he gave his oracles, which were ambiguous, and that is why one of his other names was Loxias.
    24h x 14l cm / Base: 6,5d cm Weight: 1.300 gr