Discover handmade pendants inspired by the ancient Greek culture. Pendants are the ultimate piece of jewellery to remind you the Greek holiday experience.


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Bees Pendant

Bees pendant inspired by the Malia Pendant, a gold pendant found in a tomb in 1930 at Chrysolakkos, Malia, Crete, and dates to the...

Spiral Pendant

Spiral pendant exclusively designed for Artpoint Papasotiriou. The spiral has been a complex and powerful symbol since Ancient times. It symbolized vitality, movement and...
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Delphic Epsilon Pendant

Τhe significance of the "Delphic Epsilon" prodded us to create this Silver pendant that is ideal to be used as an amulet. The "Delphic...

Lysimachus Coin Pendant

We created this unique Lysimachus pendant in commemoration of Alexander the Great, as Lysimachus was one of his educators. Lysimachus was also the bodyguard...

The Equal Cross Pendant

A Silver equal cross pendant to be worn everyday. The equal cross (crux immissa quadrata) is an Ancient Greek symbol, belonging to the category...

The Wheel Pendant

Handmade “Wheel” pendant with semi precious stones. The wheel is one of the most ancient symbols. Its central point depicts the sun or the...

Spiral Pendant with Garnet Stone

We designed this Silver 925° rhodium plated spiral with a granite stone, for everyday use and special occasions. The spiral has been a complex...

Phaistos Disc Pendant

The famous and yet not decrypted Phaistos Disc in a Gold-plated pendant version. The Phaistos Disc consists of 241 symbols including Linear A, Linear...

14K Gold Evil Eye Pendant with Zircon

Τhis 14K evil eye pendant of minimalist design protects us from bad luck and negative energy. It consists of zircon and is an Artpoint...

Geometry Pendant

The oldest style of Greek art is the Geometric, a period lasting from 1050 to 700 BC. This era saw the development of the...

Pan-Shaped Pendant

The pan-shaped vessels are usually adorned with a central spiral, surrounded by a variety of designs and symbols that may represent the sea. Their...

Phaistos Disc & Meander Pendant

Handcrafed pendant depicting the Phaistos Disc & the Meander. The Phaistos Disc consists of 241 symbols including Linear A, Linear B and hieroglyphs. The...

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