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Small Head of Goddess Hygeia

The small handcrafted bust of Goddess Hygeia, the Goddess of health and disease prevention, makes an ideal present for doctors, professors and medical students....

Head of Goddess Hygeia

The bust of Hygeia, the Goddess of health, makes an ideal present for doctors, professors and medical students. Ηygeia (meaning "health" in Greek) symbolized...
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Head of Alexander the Great

Handcrafted bust of Alexander the Great on a marble base, who at the age of 20 became the king of Macedonia. Alexander the Great was...
from €30,00

Bust of Pericles

Handmade bust of the Ancient Greek statesman and orator of the Golden Era, Pericles. Pericles led Athens in its peak period as a general....

Bust of Plato

Handcrafted bust of Plato, the renowned Greek philosopher who established the ideal state (427 - 347 BC). He was the most famous student of...

Bust of Socrates

Bronze bust of Socrates, one of the most important Greek philosophers (470-399 BC). Socrates was Plato's teacher and was sentenced to death by drinking...

Bust of Aristotle

Plaster handmade bust of the well-known philosopher, Aristotle. Aristotle was the most versatile and methodical philosopher of antiquity. He studied at Plato's academy, and remained...
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Bust of Goddess Athena

Bust of Goddess Athena on a marble base. This handmade version constitutes a great gift reminding us the city of Athens. Athena was the...


Small Owl statue. The owl symbolizes prudence and wisdom. It was the sacred bird of Goddess Athena, as well as the emblem of the...

Venus de Milo

This white sculpture of Venus de Milo (Aphrodite) is a modern gift for all occasions. Venus de Milo is a marble statue from the...
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"Devotion" Cycladic Idol

The "Devotion" idol is considered to represent a couple merged into one shape or a mother embracing her child and belongs to the Cycladic...

Coloured Head of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest generals in history. He considered himself the son of the Egyptian God Ammon Zeus, and a...

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