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Handmade coloured statue of a Caryatid, a sculpted female figure used to support buildings instead of a column, as a decorative pillar. The most...

Bust of Aristotle

Plaster handmade bust of the well-known philosopher, Aristotle. Aristotle was the most versatile and methodical philosopher of antiquity. He studied at Plato's academy, and remained...

Bust of Plato

Handcrafted bust of Plato, the renowned Greek philosopher who established the ideal state (427 - 347 BC). He was the most famous student of...

Bust of Socrates

Bronze bust of Socrates, one of the most important Greek philosophers (470-399 BC). Socrates was Plato's teacher and was sentenced to death by drinking...

Coloured Statue of Venus de Milo

The coloured bust of Venus de Milo (Aphrodite) is a modern gift for all occasions. Venus de Milo is a marble statue from the...

Bronze Figurine of Nike of Samothrace

Bronze statue on a marble base depicting Nike of Samothrace with a petal on one hand and an owl to the other. According to...

Coloured bust of God Apollo

Coloured bust of God Apollo. Apollo was one of the 12 gods of mount Olympus who was born in the island of Delos together...

Coloured Bust of Goddess Artemis

Handmade bust of Goddess Artemis in a coloured version. She was the Goddess of hunting, war and the moon, and was the protector of...

Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite

Τhe coloured bust of Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, is a handmade product and makes a wonderful gift for many occasions. Aphrodite symbolized...

Coloured Head of a Horse

Coloured horse bust which is handcrafted and reminds us of the important role of horses in Ancient Greece. They were deemed to be immortal,...

Coloured Head of Minotaur

Coloured bust version of the Minotaur, which according to the Greek mythology was a creature with a human body and a bull's head and...

Coloured Bust of Plato

This coloured bust of Plato is a pop representation of the world famous Greek philosopher. He was the most famed student of Socrates, and...

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