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Alexander the Great Paperweight

Affected by Alexander the Great who at the age of 20 became the king of Macedonia, the renowned Greek sculptress Mrs. Aspasia Papadoperaki designed...

Ancient Greek Mirror

Influenced by the importance of the mirror in antiquity, we designed this replica exclusively for our store. Women in Ancient Greece used to look...

Bronze Cycladic Head

Medium-sized bronze Cycladic head which is inspired by the famous marble Cycladic idols and adds a Greek touch at your space. The Cycladic idols...

Bronze Figurine of Nike of Samothrace

Bronze statue on a marble base depicting Nike of Samothrace with a petal on one hand and an owl to the other. According to...

Bronze Head of a Horse

Horse bust on a marble base. Τhe horses in Ancient Greece were deemed to be immortal, strong and proud animals which symbolized strength, beauty...

Corinthian Helmet

Handcrafted replica of a Corinthian helmet on a marble base, which was used to protect the bearer's head during the war. The helmets in...

Discobolus of Myron

Discobolus (or Discus Thrower) is a bronze artwork of the renowned Greek sculptor, Myron (450 BC), and represents a young athlete preparing to release...
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Initially, the Fisherman appears in the Cycladic frescoes. The immediate proximity of a large part of Greece to the sea, the crystal clear and...

Helmet with a Meander Design

Replica of a helmet with a meander design which was believed to bring more luck to the warriors during the battle. The helmets were...

Kotinos Wreath

The Kotinos which means olive tree branch, is inspired by the importance of the olive tree in Greek culture. The Ancient Greeks offered olive...

Large Bronze Cycladic Head

Big version of a bronze Cycladic head which is inspired by the famous marble Cycladic idols and adds a Greek touch at your space....

Large Dancing Horse Figurine

Big dancing horse bronze figure that reminds us of the important role of horses in Ancient Greece. They were deemed to be immortal, strong...

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