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"Olive Branch" Paperweight

Thassos white marble paperweight. The olive tree was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, peace and euphoria. Greeks offered its branches as a wreath prize...

"Twins" Cycladic Idol

The Cycladic idols are the first sample of art of the Ancient Greek civilization, found in the islands of Cyclades (2800-2300 BC). This art...

Acropolis Magnet

Thassos white marble magnet. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains...

Marble Bird

Mini marble handcrafted white bird. Birds were often mentioned in the Iliad (8th century BC) and they appeared as transmitters between the gods and...

Marble Cycladic Idol

Cycladic idol made of Thassos island white marble on a black marble base, that adds a Greek touch at your space. The Cycladic idols...
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Marble Dove

Elegant marble dove figurine inspired by the doves' symbolism in Ancient Greece. Doves were a symbol of peace, innocence and purity and were occasionally...

Marble Owl

The owl symbolizes prudence and wisdom, and is handcrafted by a Greek artist. It was the sacred bird of Goddess Athena, and was the...
from €35,00

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Marble Violin-Shaped Cycladic Idol

Violin-shaped idol on a marble base which belongs to the Early Cycladic period (3200-2000BC). The violin-shaped idol derives its name from the fact that...

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