Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite
Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite
Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite
Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite
Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite
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Coloured Bust of Goddess Aphrodite

Coloured Plaster
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Τhe coloured bust of Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, is a handmade product and makes a wonderful gift for many occasions. Aphrodite symbolized eternal love, marriage and family according to the Ancient Greek mythology.

As per Hesiod's work "Theogony", she was born by God Uranus and immediately fell into the sea. On a huge shell, the wind swept her to the island of Kythera, where she set foot for the first time. Kythera was considered to be the island of Heavenly Aphrodite, and there existed her first sanctuary in Greece. From there she went to Cyprus, which became the location of her most important sanctuary. On the shores of Cyprus she was greeted by the Horae (the goddesses of the seasons) who adorned her head with a wreath and led her to mount Olympus, where the gods were left speechless in front of her beauty. Aphrodite was the reason for the Trojan War to begin, as she made Helen of Troy (King Menelaus's wife), fall in love with Paris (the son of the king of Troy, Priam).
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22,5h cm / Base: 7l x 7d cm Weight: 1.257 gr

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