Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia
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Coloured Head of Goddess Hygeia

Coloured Plaster
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The coloured bust of Goddess Hygeia, the Goddess of health, makes an ideal present for doctors, professors and medical students. Hygeia (meaning "health" in Greek) symbolized sanitation and hygiene, and was the daughter and attendant of Asclepius, the God of Medicine.

She was related to the disease prevention. Her symbol was a snake that she held in one hand or wrapped around her body, or had next to her. Titane is the oldest place of worship in the area of Sicyon, where the sanctuary of Asclepius and Hygeia was located. According to the Ancient Greek tradition, Ariphron wrote an hymn to the goddess, whose worship spread to Athens amongst other areas around 420 BC. It is worth mentioning that the Orphic Hymn is a tribute to the Goddess and betrays the importance Ancient Greeks gave to the maintenance of good health: "Charming queen of all, lovely and blooming, blessed Hygeia, mother of all, bringer of bliss, hear me. Through you vanish the illnesses that afflict man, through you every house blossoms to the fullness of joy. The arts thrive when the world desires you, Oh queen, loathed by Hades, the destroyer of souls. Apart from you all is without profit for men: wealth, the sweet giver of abundance for those who feast, fails, and man never reaches the many pains of old age. Goddess, come, ever-helpful to the initiates, keep away the evil, distress of unbearable diseases."
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