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Head of a Horse

    Bronze Bust of a Horse


    Horse bust on a marble base. Τhe horses in Ancient Greece were deemed to be immortal, strong and proud animals which symbolized strength, beauty and pride. They were worshipped and associated with the victory of wars, as well as with Alexander the Great.

    Poseidon, the God of the sea, was considered to be the horse's creator. Ancient Greek horses were not very tall or large, but they were known for being firm and mighty. It is worth mentioning that Homer in the "Iliad", attributes metaphysical properties to the horse. In addition, they were prophetic beings which foretold the death of their master with the most known example being Xanthos, Achilles's horse. Apart from this, in Ancient Greece, horses had two qualities that other animals rarely had; they had a human voice and prophesied, while at the same time, gods and humans mingled with them and gave birth to special creatures, like Centaur Chiron. Last but not least, temples such as the Parthenon were adorned with perfectly sculpted marble horses.
    8h cm / Base: 6,5l x 2d cm Weight: 360 gr