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Lysimachus Coin Pendant Front Side
Lysimachus Coin Pendant Rear Side

    Lysimachus Coin Pendant


    We created this unique Lysimachus pendant in commemoration of Alexander the Great, as Lysimachus was one of his educators. Lysimachus was also the bodyguard of Alexander the Great, and after his death, he became his heir and the king of Thrace, Macedonia and a part of Asia Minor.

    Approximately on 294 to 287 BC he minted a coin, among many others, most likely at the Ephesus Mint. This coin bore the head of the deified Alexander the Great and the horn of Amun on the obverse side, and on the reverse side the Victorious Pallas Athena seated, resting on her shield, with the winged Goddess Nike in her hands along with a spear and a bee. The Greek coins are important because they give a complete picture of the evolution of plastic art in the country. In the Greek cities of Italy and Sicily in particular, the art of coinage developed rapidly as early as the 5th century BC. During the 4th century BC, with live presentations and a wide variety of forms, this art reached almost to its perfection.
    1,6diam cm / Chain: 22l cm Weight: 4 gr