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God Sun Pendant Opal + Zircon

    God Sun Pendant with Opal Stone and Zircon


    Inspired by God Helios (Sun), we created for you a unique Sun pendant made of Gold-plated Silver 925, semi-precious opal stone and zircon. God Sun is depicted as a haloed young man in a flying chariot drawn by four horses. In addition, very often many identify God Sun either with the God of fire, Hephaestus, or even more often with the God of light, Apollo, whose alter name is Phoebus, which in the Greek language means bright (phōteinós). The sacred animals of God Sun are the rooster and the eagle.

    Hesiod, the Greek poet, presents God Sun as the son of Hyperion, who is also a solar figure, and the brother of the Selene (Moon) and Eos. God Sun in Greece ratifies the oaths and is the God of revenge. He was not included in the group of Olympian gods, but belongs to an older and less defined group, titanic, more closely related to the natural phenomena. The oldest known representation of God Sun in Greek sculpture, comes from the eastern pediment of the Parthenon where the birth of Goddess Athena is depicted. God Sun and Selene frame the composition of Aphrodite's birth on the throne of Zeus at the area of Olympia, and a similar representation presupposes the "sunset" also mentioned by Pausanias on the pediment of the temple of Delphi. Once, Prometheus (seen in Aeschylus work) tied to a stone calls on the omni visual circle of the Sun" to witness his oaths. God Sun is also found in Plato's "Laws", where Socrates was praying to the rising sun.
    2,5l x 0,5d cm / Chain: 22l cm Weight: 4 gr