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The Wheel Pendant
The Wheel Pendant

    The Wheel Pendant


    The wheel has been a symbol of agility, rotation and time since Ancient times. Inspired by its symbolism, we created a wheel pendant in Gold-plated Silver 925° version with semi-precious stones. This is an Artpoint Papasotiriou exclusive jewel.

    It was used in ceremonies and was a symbol of the natural flow of energy. For 3,500 years the wheel has been used as a symbol in occultism and secret religious organizations. It was the main symbol of God Sun, and was dedicated to the solar deities. The wheel's centre point represents God Sun or the centre of the universe, and there are usually more than four rays, in order to give extra power to the wheel. As per the Ancient Greek tradition, the wheel also becomes a symbol of other gods, such as God Zeus, and God Apollo who is depicted with the solar chariot. Sometimes, the wheel was also associated with God Dionysus.
    13,5l2,4diam cm / Chain: 22l cm Weight: 5 gr