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The Equal Cross Pendant

    The Equal Cross Pendant


    A Silver equal cross pendant to be worn everyday. The equal cross (crux immissa quadrata) is an Ancient Greek symbol, belonging to the category of the geometrical shapes, such as the symbol of the meander. In the early Hellenic dialects, the cross was called "karos". This cross in antiquity, symbolized God Helios (Sun) or God Zeus.

    God Helios connected all people with the universe. Therefore, he combined the material world with the spiritual world, thus the equal cross was a symbol of life, resurrection and reincarnation. The cross is found engraved or painted on murals around 200,000 BC by people of the Paleolithic era, focusing all their mental and spiritual powers to tame the elements of nature. In addition, it is connected with the worship of the great Goddess Mother Earth, God Helios and Goddess Selene (Moon). It was rendered in many different forms and used as an amulet against evil.
    3h cm / Adjustable: 25l - 44l cm Weight: 4 gr