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Do Love Golden Bracelet

    "Do Love" 14Κ Gold Bracelet


    This 14K gold bracelet bears a Linear B phrase which means "Do love" and is a very unique item. The inspiration behind it is "Do love yourself", "Do love everyone" and "Hallelujah". It's an Artpoint Papasotiriou exclusive jewel.

    The Linear B writing system is composed of 90 syllable signs plus an indeterminate number of pictorial signs. Each syllable sign represents either a vowel or an open syllable (consonant-vowel), but they cannot represent consonant clusters. Linear B is the oldest preserved form of Greek writing that we know of. By the time we first meet this writing system, Greece and different areas of the western coast of Asia Minor were already Greek speaking. Linear B was used to write an archaic form of Greek known as Mycenaean Greek, which was the official dialect of the Mycenaean civilization. The inscriptions found in Crete appear to be older than those discovered in mainland Greece. The oldest confirmed Linear B tablets are the so-called Room of the Chariot Tablets from Knossos and have been dated to 1450-1350 BC, while the tablets found at Pylos have been dated to 1200 BC. This suggests that the Linear B script was devised in Knossos (Crete), somewhere around 1450 BC when the Mycenaeans took control of Knossos and spread from there into mainland Greece. Whether by peaceful annexation or armed invasion, we know that the Minoan culture was replaced, both in Crete and in mainland Greece, by the Mycenaean culture.
    1h x 2,2l x 0,1d cm / Adjustable: 4 - 8 cm Weight: 2 gr