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Pan-Shaped Pendant Red
Pan-Shaped Pendant Black

    Pan-Shaped Pendant


    Inspired by the pan-shaped vessels of the Early Cycladic era (2800-2300 BC), we designed this Gold-plated pendant for special occasions. The pan-shaped vessel has derived its name from the pans, because it looked alike. This is an Artpoint Papasotiriou exclusive item.

    The pan-shaped vessels are usually adorned with a central spiral, surrounded by a variety of designs and symbols that may represent the sea. Their use has not yet been clearly established, but they may have been associated with beliefs about the afterlife as they were found mainly in tombs. Studies also show that the pan-shaped vessels calculated time based on the motion of the planet Aphrodite (Venus), but also other planets, such as Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. There are serious indications that towards the end of the Neolithic era (6,500 BC), Greeks knew that the Earth needed 365 days to make a complete orbit around the Sun, Venus needed 584 days to reach to the same point in the sky, and Jupiter needed 399 days. In pan-shaped vessels, there is also a kind of symbolic, simple, but not simplistic writing that allows astronomical knowledge. Many pan-shaped vessels depict engravings which correspond to the number of days of human pregnancy. Moreover, the women of the Aegean on a daily basis, put a color mark on the triangles or other symbols that were depicted in the pan-shaped vessels, in order to calculate their menstrual cycle.
    5,5h x 0,15d cm / Chain: 50l cm Weight: 16 gr