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Discobolus of Myron Small
Discobolus of Myron Large

    Discobolus of Myron


    Discobolus (or Discus Thrower) is a bronze artwork of the renowned Greek sculptor, Myron (450 BC), and represents a young athlete preparing to release his throw.

    The posture captures a momentary movement: the athlete has bent his knees, lowered his body and stretched his right arm as he gained strength. The viewer feels that the thrower gets ready to stand up and throw the discus as far as he can. The accuracy with which the anatomy of the body is rendered, is remarkable. It is considered that the statue was placed by an athlete in a big sanctuary as a tribute. In Ancient times, the discus was not an independent sport, instead it was part of the pentathlon, a series of five sports which included the stadion (a short foot race), the javelin throw, the discus throw, the long jump and the wrestling.
    9,5h x 7l x 0,5d cm Weight: 175 gr