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Small Violin-Shaped Cycladic Idol

    Small Violin-Shaped Cycladic Idol


    Small version of a violin-shaped idol on a marble base, which belongs to the Early Cycladic period (3200-2000BC). The violin-shaped idol derives its name from the fact that its shape was similar to a violin.

    The violin-shaped idols, are schematic figurines and belong to the earliest models of the species. They were small in size and tile-shaped, designed to represent a roughly anthropomorphic outline. The head and the neck are marked with a stripe protrusion, and the middle with square notches, one on each side; so that the outline of the figurine takes on the shape of a violin. Sometimes, the breasts are declared or there are engravings, usually on the front and sometimes on the back, in order to indicate some anatomical details, such as the base of the neck, the arms, the waist area, the pubic area and the spine. The height of the violin-shaped idols ranges from 2.5 to 31.5 cm.
    14h x 4l x 2d cm Weight: 230 gr